Comments and Letters from our Guests

I love to visit Casino Royale because of the beautiful interior decoration and excellent services provided by the charming guest relation officers. I really feel quite at home.

Bhagwan Singh
Ludhiyana, India

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I am a regular customer of Casino Nepal and have been going there for the past 8 years. I enjoy the service here and the staff are cooperative. They know me and give extra attention. I spend two to four hours playing and bet between five to ten thousand rupees a hand. I have also played several times in Las Vegas. For gambling is an entertaining means of spending times. It is not necessary that gambling in life is easier than in a casino. At lease, here, I know, I can control my actions.

Arthur Gomes
Goa, India

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After being here, I am disappointed that there are no casinos in India. When I visited the casinos in Kathmandu, I found them very enjoyable. The guest entertainment ladies and the atmosphere, especially during night are wonderful. Next time I travel to other countries, I’ll make a point to visit their casinos. By they way I took part in a Flush Tournament at Casino Anna and came fourth. I was delighted.

Archana Sen
Calcutta, India

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I am fascinated by the lady officers of Casino Everest. They explained to me the games as well as my things about Nepalese culture. For example, I asked them why Nepalese people are not allowed to gamble in the casinos. I was told that the Nepalese economy is bad and people here cannot afford to take risks. I understand and I think it is good. The food is good here. As I am budget traveller, I want to have as much fun with as little as possible. I am fulfilling both my purposes at the casinos here.

Morris Lagae

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