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What Game Has The Best Odds For The Player?
The only game where the customer ever has a mathematical advantage over the house is Blackjack. The advantage in the game of Blackjack floats back and forth between the house and the players. A basic strategy player reduces the house’s starting advantage because of his perfect computer like play. A card counter simply identifies the times when the house or player has the advantage or when the game is even up. At the times the player has the advantage the card counter places bigger bets. When the house has the advantage, obviously the card counter places smaller wagers. The house has about one half of one percent starting advantage over the basic strategy player. The card counter can gain more then 2.0% advantage by betting at the proper plus and minus counts.

Baccarat has a rate of win for the house of approximately 1.34% on the Player Side and about 1.21% on the Bank Side. Any game that has around a 1% house edge is of course a good game for a player.

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What Game Has the Worst Odds for the Player?

Roulette has a very high rate of win for the casino. Every bet, one number, two numbers, three numbers, four numbers, six numbers, red/black, odd/even, the columns, twelve numbers or eighteen numbers all have 5.5/19ths % advantage against the player.

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